Live sound diffusion   

Since 2012 we build acousmonium setups and diffuse electroacoustic music live.

The acousmonium is a multichannel speaker setup (typically involving 24 to 100 speakers) which fills the concert space. During the performance, the performer moves and places the sound in different locations and directions in the venue, using a mixer, while the listener experiences a new relationship between sound and space.

Our live performances are closely related to an analyisis of the pieces we play; we believe that our interpretation must be compliant with the composition processes found in the music, but it could also shed new, unexpected light on the music itself.

Hands-on workshops, presentations and lectures are available as well as concerts. We build an acousmonium with a minimum setup of 24 speakers (8 of them must be flat-response) and a mixer with at least 24 direct outs.

We like to experiment. We try to build extreme setups involving speakers in other rooms and corridors, contact speakers inducing vibration on the floor and so on.

We organize twice a year a festival in Malmö, called “Acousmatic for the people”, in which we use Inter Arts Center as a venue for concerts. Next setup of around 40 speakers will be built in November 2014 and will host 6 events.

Organizers of the Festivals: Alessandro Perini, Fabio Monni, Kent Olofsson.

Find here our repertoire, ranging from Parmegiani to Ikeda (updated periodically):

Some pictures from our performances:

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